About Me

Hello! My name is Mathan Tenney (yes, that’s an M). I’m a hobbyist photographer from the small town of Woodruff, AZ. I’ve just started a small business to support my hobby, and recently had my first school portrait shoot for George Washington Academy. That has been an excellent learning experience. I look forward to learning more in portraiture.

I am the seventh of ten children in the amazing M&M Tenney family. My wonderful parents are Myrlon and Myriel Tenney. I was born in Mesa, Arizona and my family moved several times in my childhood, eventually landing us in Woodruff. I married Eva Peterson from Snowflake, AZ and we find it most challenging, and ever so rewarding, to raise our 5 children. We are pleased to announce that no. 6 is on the way!.

I served a proselyting mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ukraine and love the Ukrainian people. It was a great privilege to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among them. I found them to be very good people, and miss the friends I made there.

My day job is full of all kinds of adventures, from climbing through attics and under houses to operating tractors, to framing, painting, plumbing, wiring electrical, roofing, demolition, and many other things.

Reading, fixing things, amateur radio, learning new skills, obtaining knowledge, improving myself, and spending time with my family are found among my interests. Concerning fixing things, I love to do it, and have a certain knack for it. I love to learn how things work and solve problems. Give me something that’s not working and I’ll either make it work again, or learn enough about it that I could bore you to death with all of the technical details :0) .


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